Boarding the train

Welcome to “Our Portfolio Journey” website! This site describes the Certification Discussion Group (CDG), an online course covering the personal journeys of the facilitators to obtain the credential of Certified Genealogist.  Whether you are “on the clock,”1 thinking about applying for certification with the Board for Certification of Genealogists(R) or just wondering what it is all about, you may find this course of interest.

The Certification Discussion Group provides potential applicants for certification with some of the techniques and lessons learned from the facilitators. The Application Guide clearly states “No material in an initial application may have been reviewed, critiqued, or proofread by another individual.”2 This requirement has morphed to being interpreted by some applicants that they couldn’t talk about anything related to the portfolio, including strategies, techniques, resources, etc. That’s why the CDG series is so helpful. The facilitator describes her personal journey and the journeys of other successful portfolio submitters as to what worked (and didn’t work) with the hopes that their techniques will be of help and their lessons learned will not  to be repeated by you!

We are here to help you board the train (see image above)!

We hope that you will consider the Certification Discussion Group for your educational resume. Explore the site, ask questions and sign up!

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1 The term “on the clock” describes those who have submitted their pre-application to the Board for Certification of Genealogists, but have not yet submitted their portfolio. Individuals have 1 year from the date of application to submit or to reapply.
2 Board for Certification of Genealogists, The BCG Application Guide, (Washington DC: Board for Certification of Genealogists, 2019) 3.
3  Jacob Lawrence “Boarding the Train,” from The Great Migration Series, 1940-1941. Photo taken and cropped by Jill Morelli, Seattle (WA) Art Museum, May 2017.